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Each year, hundreds of thousands of homes are ravaged by fire – fires that could have been prevented by a comprehensive home inspection. That’s why the Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends that a separate and complete electrical inspection be conducted for any home that is over 40 years old, has had major renovation, major appliances added or is changing owners.

Keep in mind that the standard property inspection conducted when you buy a home only looks at the surface. For total security you need an in-depth inspection that goes beyond flipping light switches. At Sentry Electric, our licensed electricians are experts in safety. We conduct electrical inspections that go further, examining all aspects of your system – and in the process uncovering any hidden dangers.

In our comprehensive 100 point safety inspection, Sentry Electric will examine all aspects of your electrical system thoroughly, verifying that every component has been installed correctly and functions safely.

Sentry Electric’s "Electrical Safety Inspection" includes:

  • Inspect switches and outlets for signs of overheating, damage, abuse and loose terminations.
  • Inspect and verify GFCI protection in all required areas inside are installed.
  • Inspect and verify proper grounding and bonding of main electrical service.
  • Inspect entire main electrical service for proper terminations and safety.
  • An infrared scan of your circuit breaker panel to discover hidden problems.
  • Inspect all outdoor electrical for "rain proofing" and circuit protection.
  • Verify all junction boxes are properly installed.
  • Inspect any sub-panels present for proper terminations and safety.
  • Verify that smoke detectors are of the proper type and installed in required areas.
  • Verify that “surge protection” is installed for whole house protection.
  • If aluminum wiring is present, verify that proper termination methods were used.
  • Verify proper grounding of switches, outlets and lighting fixtures.
  • Verify ceiling fan braces and supports are present where ceiling fans are installed.
  • Verify wiring to any detached structure is installed properly and safe.
  • Verify main breaker panel is properly labeled.
  • Verify all branch circuit breakers are sized properly.
  • Verify required circuits have lock-outs or disconnects installed and accessible.
  • Verify existing circuits are distributed properly for required load.
  • Insure that our customer is fully aware of the items that need attention and exactly what the price will be to complete the work before we start.

When you call Sentry Electric, you can feel confident that skilled professional background and drug checked electricians are working in your home. Our staff is committed to quick service and consistently provides the exceptional service.

So if you are looking for a professional inspection electrical company then please call us. 

IF YOU ARE BUYING a house...don't leave it up to the home inspectors. This is too critical for a simple pass through inspection.


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OSHA Safe & Sound Program

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